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Comprehensive School - Scientific evaluation of the trial phase of "Learning Longer Together" in North Rhine-Westphalia


Project duration: 01.12.2013 - 01.12.2016

Comprehensive School

The research examines the conditions and progression of the establishment of “Gemeinschaftsschulen” (a type of comprehensive school in Germany). This includes school development, educational concepts, organizational and pedagogical implementation, teaching training processes in heterogeneous learning groups, development of student competencies, and psychosocial development.

Project description

The overall objective of the accompanying scientific research is the formative evaluation of the trial phase of "Learning Longer Together". Essential information about the current situation, development criteria, and observations from the founding stages are gathered through surveys given to students, teachers, and school administrators. The results provide insight and essential information, critical to the discussion about school reform in Germany.

As a way of „learning longer together“, Gemeinschaftsschulen (comprehensive schools) are gaining traction in many states. As a result, scientific monitoring of the deployment and development processes is becoming more important. In terms of the school form, an important question that is examined is the relevance of heterogeneity in the classroom. The research not examines processes of the implementation phase, but also the continuing progression and development. Included in the research are the conditions and criteria for the establishment of Gemeinschaftsschulen along with pedagogical and educational approaches. Additionally, fundamental observations from the founding stages are identified.

The research design combines quantitative and qualitative approaches. In order to answer the diverse set of questions, a multi-faceted approach is taken, and various groups are interviewed multiple times at various points in time. Teachers make up the sample for the first measurement.

Lead researcher at IFS

Foto von Prof. Dr. Nele McElvany Prof. Dr. Nele McElvany,

Campus Nord, CDI, Room CDI / 232
Telephone: (+49)231 755-5512

Foto von Prof. Dr. Heinz Günter Holtappels i. R. Prof. Dr. Heinz Günter Holtappels i. R.,

Campus Nord, CDI, Room Martin-Schmeißer-Weg 13 / 203

Project management

Foto von PD Dr. Michael Pfeifer PD Dr. Michael Pfeifer,

Foto von Dr. Franziska Schwabe Dr. Franziska Schwabe,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7818

Project team

Foto von Kai Averbeck Kai Averbeck,

Foto von Dr. Svenja J. Hartwig Dr. Svenja J. Hartwig,

Campus Nord, CDI, Room CDI / 018
Telephone: (+49)231 755-6205

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