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Team Holtappels

Research Area II

Professor Dr. Heinz Günter Holtappels leads the working group School Development and Effectiveness, doing research into school reform and development processes, as well as research on the quality and effectiveness of educational organization and design in schools. Empirical research on preconditions, success factors, and the effects of school development processes is as much a focus as the identification of relevant influences on the quality of educational design, student learning and skills acquisition.  
The research is both quantitatively and qualitatively oriented, often in the form of longitudinal designs and applied on multiple levels (systemic, institutional, and individual). Concrete examples include research into competence development in elementary schools as a function of school and instruction quality; the development, quality, and effects of all-day schools; research into organizational and pedagogical aspects of alternative school forms; and school development in challenging situations.

Team members regularly present at national conferences and participate in scientific lectures and other forums within the scientific community. Within the university, members provide instruction and lectures for the Educational Sciences program on theory, methods, and the application of research techniques in the areas of school quality and effectiveness, as well as on school development and innovation processes. In addition, the working group is also involved in the continuing education programs for school development and education management. Knowledge transfer of research findings into school practice and educational administration is achieved through school consultancy and development, support with educational planning, and the development of practice-oriented Manuals.

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Photo of Prof. Dr. Heinz Günter Holtappels

Prof. Dr. Heinz Günter Holtappels

Telephone: 0231 755-5519

Room CDI / 227

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