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IFS offers a structured program for training young scientists. In addition to the personal supervision provided by professors, there are three events at IFS that are specially tailored to doctoral candidates and one to postdoctoral fellows.

First, the IFS offers a “basic curriculum” in each winter semester as part of the doctoral program, which is intended for doctoral candidates who are in the initial phase of their doctorate. This seminar introduces basic scientific practice and theory. Second, the seminar “Current Findings of Educational Research” takes place every semester, in which the doctoral students present the current status of their dissertation once a year. IFS students, research associates, and professors take part in this seminar. In addition to a general discussion of the lecture, the doctoral students will receive feedback in this event in the form of a detailed commentary from a pre-selected project lead. The third event for doctoral candidates is the “PhD conference,” which is held twice a year; this allows PhD students to discuss the structural progress of their work in small groups with professors and project leaders and to communicate specific support needs. Finally, in every semester, within the framework of the “Advanced Curriculum,” there are seminars for advanced doctoral and postdoctoral students, in which various IFS staff members provide in-depth methodological training.

In addition to these events, which aim to provide subject-specific or methodological training to young researchers or to guide them in the doctoral process, the structured doctoral program also anticipates that doctoral candidates attend the annual IFS lecture series.

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