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Reading competences and reading motivation in primary school age children

This short article provides information on reading competence, motivation and their interplay in school age children. You can download a questionnaire (in German only), which can be used for assessment of reading frequency and reading motivation of elementary students.

Lesekompetenz und -motivation(1)

Reading is one of the everyday challenges of life. Wether it deals with reading a specialized text, the bus plan or a recept for spaghetti with tomato sauce: Texts are the leading medium of our society, and demand competent readers. Here the school is cruical. The ability to read presents a key skill for educational and professional career as well as coping daily life.

The teacher club of reading foundation confirms:

„Die Studie "Lesekompetenz und Lesemotivation im Grundschulalter" des Instituts für Schulentwicklungsforschung (IFS) der TU Dortmund belegt, wie eng Lesefreude, Leseverhalten und Lesekompetenz zusammenhängen – und wie stark die möglichst frühe Verankerung von Lesen in der Lebenswelt der Kinder ihr späteres Leseverhalten und ihre Lesemotivation beeinflusst.“ [The study "reading literacy and reading motivation in primary school age" of the Institute of School Development Research (IFS) of the Technical Univerisity Dortmund varifies, how close reading pleasure, reading behavior and reading competences are associated - and how strong an early implementation of reading in childs environment as soon as possible affects future reading behavior and reading motivation.]  (Der Lehrerclub, 2016)

You can download following files:


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