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  • International large-scale assessment (TIMSS)

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2006-2010 Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

    B.A., Business Administration and Computer Science.

    Graduated summa cum laude.

  • 2010-2013 Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China

    M.A., Administration & Economics of Education

    Graduated summa cum laude.

  • 2014 until now TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

  • Ph.D student, Education Science, supervised by Bos, Wilfried.

Akademische erfahrungen

  • Sep, 2010 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai

    Main Speaker 

  • Oct, 2011 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai


  • Jun, 2012 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai


  • Oct, 2012 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai


  • Oct, 2012 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai


  • 2010-2013 Shanghai Normal University Shanghai

    Political Officer

Auszeichnungen und preise in der schule

  • Excellent Student of Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics (2007)

    Scholarship Winners of Xinjiang University of Finance &

    Economics (2007-2009)

  • Award of Excellence in “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest of

    National College Students (2008)

  • The Third Prize in “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest of National

    College Students (2009)

  • Excellent Postgraduate of Shanghai Normal University (2011)

  • Excellent Cadre of Education College of Shanghai Normal

    University (2012)

  • Excellent Volunteer of “International Form on Educational, Technology

    and Teacher Leadership” (2012)


  • Shaoyun.C & Dan. C. (2012). “The Development of Educational Leadership Disciplines: From Theory to Practice”. Research of Modern Basic Education.     

  • Dan. C. (2012). “Ethical School Leadership Research With The Theory of Reverence for Life”, Centre for Modern Leadership of Shanghai Normal University. ON: Peking University Press. P53-58.

  • Dan. C. & Ke. Y. (2013). ” TIMSS2011”, Shanghai Education, Global Education Newsletter, 2013 (1) :18-21. Ke.Y, Qian.Y & Dan. C. (2013). “Large-scale education assessment s are able to reinforce the advantages and bypass disadvantages”, China Education Daily.25th, Mar.

  • Ke. Y, Dan. C. & Qian. Y. (2013).” The international influence of large-scale educational assessment Discussion”, contemporary educator · Pudong Education, Vol 4.

  • Dan. C. (2013). Master thesis: “The research of ethical school leadership---based on the ethical theory of Reverence for life of Albert Schweitzer”. www.chki.com.cn.

forschungsstipendien und preise

  • Dissertation Grant “The Process of Becoming a Educationist,” funded by

  • National Social Science Foundation (2010-2012). Amount: ¥5,000.

  • Dissertation Grant “The Ethics of School leadership,” funded by

  • Shanghai Social Science Foundation (2012-2013). Amount: ¥10,000.

  • Dissertation Grant “New National Education System,” funded by

  • Shanghai Social Science Foundation (2011-2012). Amount: ¥2,000.

  • Dissertation Grant “The Research of Meta-Ethics of Three-dimensional

  • Heterogeneity Structure of School Leaders,” funded by Shanghai Normal

  • University Foundation (2012). Amount: ¥500.

  • Ph.D Grant “supporting Ph.D study in Germany for 48 months”, funded by “China Scholarship Council” (From Mar, 2014 to Mar, 2018).


  • Dan. C. (2012). “Ethical School Leadership Research With The Theory of

Reverence for Life”, Centre for Modern Leadership of Shanghai Normal University, ON: Peking University Press. P53-58.


  • „the relationship between school leadership and student achievement in Germany-from a comparable perspective“ in EERA spring school.20th, April, 2016. Oslo, Norway

  • “How does the principal behavior affect the student achievement?” in IEA spring school. 10th, May,2015. Hamburg, Germany.

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