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Current research results

New journal article in Psychology in education and teaching was published (June 2017)


30.06.2017 – Hartwig, S. J., Schwabe, F., Gebauer, M. M. & McElvany, N. (2017). Wie beurteilen Lehrkräfte und Lehramtsstudierende Leistungsheterogenität? Ausprägungen und Prädiktoren von Einstellungen und Motivation. Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 64 (2), 94–108.

In this article the influence of different facets in attitudes and motivation of teachers regarding performance heterogeneity in school classes is examined. The results were discussed regarding implications and relevance. The article was published in the journal Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht (PEU, [Psychology in education and teaching]).


2. volume of „Dortmunder Symposium der Empirischen Bildungsforschung“ published


04.04.2017 – The second volume of this book series focusses on conditions of successful learning-and educational processes. Renowned experts present current research from educational, psychological and didactic perspectives and discuss implications for further research in empirical educational studies. This book series presents results from the annual conference “Dortmunder Symposium der Empirischen Bildungsforschung” and is published by Waxmann.


New edited volume on integration of refugee minors


22.03.2017 – The edited volume Settling in the Schools – Chances and Challenges during the Integration Process of Refugee Minors presents a collection of contributions from scientists and practitioners on the integration of refugee minors in the German school system, dealing with diverse topics such as integration in the classroom, fostering of language acquisition and support for traumatized children. In addition, experts from education administration, politics, research and practice give their assessment of the current situation.


New practical handbook „Integration of Newly Immigrated Children and Adolescents without Knowledge of German. Opportunities, Challenges and Perspectives“ published


07.12.2016 – The practical handbook reports on experiences and conditions of successful dealing with immigrated pupils of 13 Ganz In-schools, who have no knowledge of German. Organizational and legal framework conditions are discussed as well as possible obstacles. This practical handbook provides hints and comments of teachers concerning school organization, teaching and social integration. These practical solutions are developed on the basis of practice and can function as tools in further practice.


The 19th annual of school development has been published


23.11.2016 – The new annual of school development (in German) compiles papers on experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal studies that address some of the most significant areas in school research. The respective studies deal with institutional effects, different actors, and the life course of children. A particular focus is educational inequality.
For more information: https://www.beltz.de/de/fachmedien/paedagogik/buecher/produkt_produktdetails/33470-jahrbuch_der_schulentwicklung_band_19.html


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