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Dortmund Symposium on Empirical Educational Research

The Dortmund Symposium on Empirical Educational Research deals with central issues of educational research. This conference series with its wide range of topis is hosted by the IFS on a regular basis.

IFS Lecture Series

The IFS hosts annual public topical lecture series examining various current topics in the area of school development research. Renowned scholars from different universities are invited to give talks on superordinate topics.

EERA Spring School on Advanced Methods in Educational Research

The annual Spring Schools on Advanced Methods in Educational Research aim to promote excellent European early-stage scientists. In the one-week workshops in English language, not only content-knowledge on advanced and innovative methods are imparted, these are also combined with concrete applications in educational research.

Education Dialogue

With the implementation of the Education Dialogue as an additional format focusing on the practical implications of research the IFS is complementing its successful conference series of Dortmund Symposia on Empirical Educational Research. An essential aspect is facilitating exchange between educational administration, politics, practice and science.

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Institut für Schulentwicklungsforschung (IFS)
TU Dortmund
Campus Nord (CDI Gebäude)
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44227 Dortmund

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